Where to draw the line

In my quest for truth, I cant ignore the fact that, objectively, Gd appears to be a figment of our imaginations.  So many religions have existed throughout human existence, all in complete contradiction with one another, but with one common purpose: To answer where we came from, and where we should be going.

So, there are three possibilities here:

  1. None of them have any element of truth.
  2. One of them is true.
  3. All of them were meant to be as they are by Gd.
I’ll be the first to admit that option #3 has no rational foundation, as they all appear to contradict each other.  And how could Gd contradict Himself?
But given my current mental state, I like to think it has just as much chance at being true as #1. Why?  Because it’s clear that all serve as a mechanism to transcend typical earthly interactions.  Whether we are connecting to something bigger than us, or just to ourselves on a different level, we cannot say with certainty.  And though reason would lead us to believe it is the latter, emotionally I can see how it could be the former.
And being that Im dealing with the popular mind/heart dichotomy, who’s to say that my emotions are less important than my reason on a personal level?  I know it sounds silly upon initial examination, and wouldnt hold up in a court of law…  But again, on a personal level, what is more important?  That can be argued on a rational basis. Additional clarification: on an interpersonal level, I believe we must value reason and logic over emotions for obvious reasons, most importantly, to preserve the life and rights of all.
So, which is more important on a personal level? Emotions or Reason?
I guess this comes down to what your goal in life is. If your goal in life is to be as happy as possible, then obviously your emotions are more important.  If reason brought you to sadness, then given your goal, you should discard reason. But if your goal is to be as knowledgeable as possible, then reason would be more important. If certain knowledge brought you sadness, you certainly wouldnt stop seeking knowledge, as that was your goal.
Some people might argue that emotions are more important only in matters of the heart… Like when choosing a mate.  Without the feeling of “love” how can one get married? In this case, its clear that as humans we value emotion more than reason–as many people will get married if they feel love, even if it doesnt rationally seem like a good match, whereas choose NOT to get married if everything seems good on paper, but there is no love.  Whether or not this is to our detriment can be argued as well.