All About God

God will be heavily involved in the book I write… My imagination tells me that it will be about a believer turned atheist, and the long but meaningful track back to believing. People will cry. People will think, long and hard. People will be enthralled and enraptured within the book I write and they won’t be able to sleep for hours ┬ábecause of how powerful it will be. They’ll think about it for days and it will be their favorite book.

it will be made into a movie.

i will make a lot of money through the book but so much more importantly I will touch so many lives.

i will be respected and revered and will write more books that are awesome. Perhaps not as powerful, but certainly thought provoking… Till my last book which will be even more powerful than the first.

just putting it out there so that when it happens, you won’t be shocked.